Boudoir photography in Bristol, Bath and the South West

When I tell people I take photographs of pinups, burlesque stars or do boudoir shoots there’s often an assumption it’s all very racy. But it’s really not – it’s all about making women look and feel amazing while providing a lasting visual record out just how beauitful they are.

What is boudoir photography?

The term ‘boudoir photography’ especially sometimes conjures up an idea of downmarket glamour photography or, shudder, something a bit ‘readers wives’ but this is only because few understand it or have the vision to do it well.

Boudoir photography is certainly not soft porn and while it can be ‘sexy’, better words may be sensual, seductive or alluring. Indeed, I don’t really see a difference between beauty portraiture and boudoir, accept the clothing tends toward lingerie.

What happens before your boudoir photography shoot?

I believe a photo shoot should be a fun and enjoyable experience from start to finish. Some time before the day of the shoot we’ll have discussed ideas for what you want to achieve, whether you want sensual elegance or a cheekier pinup feel. We’ll also talk wardrobe and what clothing to bring. If you feel you don’t have exactly the right clothes and want to buy something special again we can help as we have a great knowledge of interesting lingerie brands.

There may even be some items you can borrow. Before your shoot we’ll set up a ‘mood board’, or Pinterest board, where we can post some inspiration images to communicate the look and feel of your shoot.

What happens on the day or your boudoir shoot?

Every boudoir shoot involves pampering by professional hair and makeup artists and refreshments are served to make you feel at ease. The stylists are use are always experienced and many have worked on magazine shoots, makeovers, in bridal makeup or cosmetic brands. They can talk through what you want whether you have a clear idea or whether you never use makeup and suffer frequent bad hair days. Sit back, relax and take care of things.

Even before you step anywhere near a camera your confidence levels will rocket as soon as you look in a mirror. Some previous makeover clients have told me they’ve never had makeup done so well, even for their wedding day.

Sometimes people feel like they won’t be able to pose but that’s the photographer’s responsibility. Even if you’ve never done anything remotely like modelling we’ll make sure you are at ease and you look relaxed and natural in the images.

To enquire about booking a boudoir shoot, contact me today.