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Unlike high-volume studios, where time is limited and shoots are ‘one size fits all’, I offer a bespoke service based on my own unique style of shooting and your desires and ideas. I never rush you. I do not over-schedule myself with too many clients all at once. I want your pictures to reflect you, to become something to enjoy not just right now but as an investment to look back in in the future. Wonderful pictures will outlast many other things we buy.

What happens before the shoot?

Ahead of your photoshoot we can talk through what you hope to achieve from the images, talk about the styles you love, women you admire, clothes, makeup and more.

Based on this conversion, I’ll then create a digital ‘mood board’ with colours, makeup schemes, clothes and poses, and clippings from magazines.

‘I don’t know what to wear…’

In collaboration with my stylists, I can offer pointers on where to obtain clothes that will suit the style you’re hoping to achieve. For some clients, especially those looking for vintage and retro, it is possible to obtain clothing on their behalf.

Bespoke make over

Whether you choose a contemporary fashion, beauty or boudoir makeover talented make up artists are going to take care of your make up and hair. It’s a wonderful pampering session – makeup and hair for a professional photo shoot can take one and a half hours or more.

The stylists used are very experienced, having worked on many shoots for magazines, fashion shows, or are vintage and retro specialists. If you are competent with your own makeup and know exactly what you like, or wish to use your own favoured stylist, this is perfectly fine – a modest deduction from the package price will reflect this

‘I don’t feel confident enough to be in front of a camera!’

Many clients have never been part of a professional photo shoot before so making you feel at ease is key. It’s a huge amount of fun when you feel relaxed. The shoots are very laid back and there’s no need to be nervous.

Sometimes a client does not like a particular part of their body or say they would love to have a photo shoot ‘when they have lost weight’. Beauty and Boudoir is body-positive and I have photographed women of all body types, heights and ages. I would encourage potential clients not to ‘wait to be beautiful’. I won’t make you look like someone else (why would I want to?) but you’ll be a fresh, confident, vibrant version of you in your photographs.

Whether it's a fashion or beauty makeover or boudoir , the sessions are fun, informal and relaxed...

Whether it’s a fashion or beauty makeover or boudoir , the sessions are fun, informal and relaxed…

During a shoot it’s all about feeling relaxed and getting into the moment. You do not have to worry about how to stand, pose or hold yourself as I use methods to anyone look fabulous regardless of height, age or body shape. You’ll see that much more time is spent talking through looks and giving subtle directions than clicking away on the camera.

‘Can you photoshop me?’

Nowadays the general public knows all about the art of ‘photoshopping’ – that’s using a computer to alter, sometimes radically, a person’s appearance. My own view is that much Photoshopping is horribly over the top, leaving women looking unnatural, like smoothed plastic dolls or computer-generated characters. I photoshop little lumps, bumps, imperfections like scars or spots but I do not warp your images until you look like someone else. Retouching can be a wonderful tool but the photographs are far better if they are believable.

Also, most of the hard work in making you look fabulous lies in carefully chosen clothing, flattering lighting design and using the talents of top stylists.


The investment for your bespoke boudoir experience, a professional makeup artist with us starts at £350 inclusive of 8 beautifully styled photographs in a gorgeous presentation box. If you want more images from your shoot, or wall-products, an al a carte price list is available. Unlike some larger studios all pricing is available up front. There is no ‘hard sell’ after the shoot – I want the images to sell themselves.

When the shoot is over you will be keen to see the results but before you get to see your pictures I sort them, delete the blinks, or things that weren’t 100% great, so you get a manageable selection of largely pre-edited images to choose from. I only want you to see beautiful photographs of yourself. The images you choose be further edited if required to look incredible before final delivery. Nothing is done in a rush.

If you would like to book a shoot or learn more, please use the contact form below or give me a ring on 0794 1217098.